Bertha WINDEBANK | WINDEBANK family tree / genealogy


DIED 15 JUN 1870

Bertha WINDEBANK's will

FATHER Stephen WINDEBANK 1839 - ??

MOTHER Harriet Ann COLE 1839 - ??

SIBLINGS: Anne WINDEBANK - ??, Ernest WINDEBANK - ??, A WINDEBANK - ??, F WINDEBANK - ??We have 14 ancestors for Bertha, 12 for her father Stephen, none for her mother Harriet. We can go back 5 generations to William Clarke - ?? before the industrial revolution. We have 783 people in this family tree with 100 different family names, including 39 called WINDEBANK. WINDEBANK is the 3rd most common name in our family tree.

Bertha is 2nd cousin twice removed to Paul Leslie CLARKE

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