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DIED BET ABT 1530 AND 1542

William Ede and Alice Christmas seem to have had ten children between the mid 1560s and 1589 so I would estimate her year of birth some time in the tail end of the 1540s... that's a long time ago! All of these from Jan B Kingshott's loving prepared document "The ancestors of Sarah Tribe".There are Christmasses living in East Meon, where the Clarkes were for a long time. There are Christmasses living in East Meon, where the Clarkes were for a long time. There's a picture here of Jeremiah Christmas, on http://www.eastmeonhistory.netThis could be her - - seems it is referring to the same person, as to how accurate it is who knows. Worth investigating as that takes me back a few more generations if it is any good!

FATHER Thomas Christmas 1531 - 1589

MOTHER Agnes Lyckfold 1535 - ??

SPOUSE William Ede - ??SIBLINGS: Henry Christmas - , Thomas Christmas - , Edward Christmas - ??, Balthasar Christmas - , Elinor Christmas - ??, Agnes Christmas - ??, John Christmas - , Joan Christmas - ??, William Christmas - ??, Jerome Christmas -

We have 4 ancestors for Alice, 2 for her father Thomas, 0 for her mother Agnes. Alice lived during the reign of Henry VIII. We have 4 descendents for Alice. We have 783 people in this tree with 100 different family names, including 18 called Christmas. Christmas is the 6th most common surname in our tree.

Alice is 12x great-grandmother to Paul Leslie CLARKE

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