PaulyGigography2010 ≫ Stewart Lee - Vegetable Stew

Leicester Square Theatre 6 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BP

We're going to this, my birthday present from Clare!

💬 Stewart Lee was ace

I attended this one, more from this year in my gigography for 2010. Part of all the gigs I went to from '87 to 2024. It's an obvious step from my Best Gigs Ever blog post. Yeah I know a bit nerdy, let's let that go though, I'm having fun reminiscing about this stuff.

Fri Oct 29 2010

Other gigs at Leicester Square Theatre I attended are Henning Wehn (2018), Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre Podcast ('18), Richard Herring - Happy Now? (2016), Stewart Lee - Carpet Remnant World ('12), Richard Herring, Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming ('11)

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