Belle and Sebastian

1997 ≫ Belle and Sebastian @ Union Chapel

Union Chapel Compton Terrace, Off Upper ST, London

Paid 5x over the odds for a ticket, but we had to get in. Got in the aftershow too, there was just us and Jarvis Cocker there. Ooh did I drop another name?

Was definitely very excited about this gig. I had the album and great reports from Hibbett who had been to see them in Glasgow. We (Nic P and I) went along without tickets but high spirits and a pocket full of cash, so we were fine. Think it was originally about a fiver but we paid someone thirty quid or so. We were in, was a polite and sedate affair apart from us. Met our friend Jody in there who upgraded us to after show party tickets. Not many people in the after show / party bit apart from Jody, us, Dickon from Orlando and Jarvis Cocker out of / off of the Pulp.

Definitely one of my best gigs ever, a band I loved at just the right time.

I was at this one, more from this year in my gig history for 1997. Part of every gig I went to from '87 to '20. It's a natural step from my Best gigs of all time weblog post. Yeah I know a bit geeky, let's let that go though, I'm enjoying remembering this stuff.

Thu Jul 31 1997
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