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Inn doors and "inn doors" related stuff, including venues, pubbing, gigs and blog posts about inn doors.If you have anything to contribute regarding inn doors that Is not mentioned here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to offer regarding my tree, local pubs or other places, home automation inn doors experiments, homebrew, beer, or cider. Cheers.

96 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent, CT20 3BY

Fitted in a trip to the Inn Doors Got out of work in a timely fashion on Friday, so at the Inn Doors for opening time and had a... [Sun 15 April 2018]

I have studied this carefully: and established it only applies to other people , and not to me. I did not drink at all... [Fri 13 April 2018]

Quite a full day Went to Hythe to get food for tea, their Mumbai Street Co frozen curry dishes for me, and... [Sat 7 April 2018]

Thursday night beer festival I did go to the Chambers Easter Ales Festival in the end, and it was good. Was working from... [Tue 3 April 2018]

Think I solved my pi-hole issue I now have two pi-hole s running, another copy on my main home automation raspberry pi . This... [Wed 28 March 2018]

Plumber has been again Plumber came last week to fix the leak and he came back again yesterday to replace the drippy... [Fri 9 March 2018]

Icy cold out but no more snow Not sure if we'll get more now. We had icy rain earlier, which froze on the ground, but no more... [Fri 2 March 2018]

Wet February has started well Hmm I remember before I have called it Febrewery . Went to the Inn Doors on Friday and had a... [Sun 4 February 2018]

The last working day of the month Nice, happy pay day everyone. Also this marks the end of Dry January , though I will probably... [Wed 31 January 2018]

Day 29 of not drinking Definitely on the home straight now, dry January has gone quite well. Planning a few pub trips... [Mon 29 January 2018]

Day 22 of dry January This is not too bad actually, not been tempted to drink at home, even when Clare has been. I have... [Mon 22 January 2018]

Dry January Surely that's nearly two weeks now of not drinking , amazing. It has helped really that the Inn... [Sat 13 January 2018]

Man flu day three Woke up early drenched in sweat but feeling better, worse again after getting up though. It must... [Sun 31 December 2017]

Friday has come round again very quickly Nice, will be heading to the Inn Doors again after work today, though will probably not drink... [Fri 15 December 2017]

Quiet week Think I am not going to the Inn Doors this week, but not such a bad thing to have a quiet... [Mon 13 November 2017]

Birthday weekend! Not mine but number two son, and it was awesome. Mum and Dad visiting from Friday, got out of... [Mon 6 November 2017]

Also Pizza While our guests were here we had lovely pizza out at Follies , the one in Folkestone. A good... [Mon 9 October 2017]

Fabulous weekend Mum and Dad visiting, certainly felt like a bit of a rush this weekend, but I think we squeezed... [Mon 25 September 2017]

Got caught in a downpour at lunch Walked to Sandgate at lunch, got caught in a downpour on the way back, no coat this time. Same... [Mon 11 September 2017]

Doughnuts! Feeling guilty as I did not provide a birthday feast at work. We were on holiday, so I missed it.... [Fri 1 September 2017]

Can I carry over some of yesterday's steps to today? Had a full day yesterday of festivals. Not the real festival that everyone else was at, seeing... [Mon 28 August 2017]

Gymnastics all signed up for another term... Set silent fitbit alarm for 04:50 and snoozed through that one... up at 05:00 with the proper... [Fri 25 August 2017]

Super weekend Friday night I got back to the Inn Doors for the first time in a couple of weeks. Missed my... [Mon 17 July 2017]

Turkish restaurant from day one was called Konak It's on Academik Metodi Popov Street . We considered going back into Konak on the final day,... [Mon 10 July 2017]

Jolly to Sofia part two The rest of our trip to Sofia was a lot more sedate... The two who got very drink did recover by... [Mon 10 July 2017]

*got a full body scan from security Just realised I put a little asterisk next to got a full body scan from security in that... [Sun 9 July 2017]

Work Jolly to Bulgaria I have been in Sofia , Bulgaria , here are some notes I made along the way: Sofia here we... [Sat 8 July 2017]

Busy, and tense Slept about zero for the last two days, not sure why. That is contributing to my feeling of... [Thu 29 June 2017]

Awesome fathers day It's been a great weekend already, and this morning I had a lie in and breakfast in bed... [Sun 18 June 2017]

Star studded Sandgate Elaine Cassidy out of No Offence (she played Dinah) was in The Inn Doors earlier. And so... [Sat 17 June 2017]

Lovely meal at Dr Legumes Nice night out last night, Grandpa babysit so we booked the pop up meal by Dr Legumes at... [Sun 11 June 2017]

Nice Sunday too Took the boys to a boot fair on Hythe Green in the morning, got nothing for me but a tonne of... [Mon 22 May 2017]

SURPRISINGLY fidget spinners are now banned in school! Just got a letter home from school about fidget spinners ... surprised it took them this long... [Fri 19 May 2017]

Clare's polling station is cold Cold and quiet. She's stuck there all day and can't leave until it closes at 10pm, and it is a... [Thu 4 May 2017]

On our night out we went to 3) Kipps Ale House Nice place, last stop. They do vegan food here too, we had a strange flapjack "power bar"... [Sun 23 April 2017]

On our night out we went to 2) Follies (on the harbour arm) Pizza , at Follies on the Harbour Arm . Really does not look like anything is going to be... [Sun 23 April 2017]

On our night out we went to 1) The Inn Doors Very nice to go in the Inn Doors with the wife, generally I go on my own. Nice to see literally... [Sun 23 April 2017]

Awesome tidy gardens Mum and Dad have done an amazing job this weekend - came to visit, even though we could not... [Sun 23 April 2017]

Actually got that work project live in the end It's in a 5% split test , which means 5% of our customers are seeing the new work we did. It... [Mon 17 April 2017]

Saturday we went back to Comemos again We were up early, Clare was working, so she dropped is in Sandate on the way at the park on... [Mon 27 March 2017]

Miserable day out there today Bit of a grim day out there today, kind of cold and raining sideways, was not a fun walk to... [Mon 20 March 2017]

Walked to gymnastics today I left work early, owed a couple of hours so I took them. Plan was to race to the pub and sit and... [Fri 17 March 2017]

Also went back to the Inn Doors for the first time in ages Was this Saturday too? Hadn't been in here for ages but it was if I had never left, fell back... [Mon 20 February 2017]

I did fit in two more pubs last weekend Popped in to the Potting Shed on Friday after work. It's been a while and I didn't really slot... [Mon 20 February 2017]

Wow I've been busy No time to post anything all week. Had a lovely day in Tenterden on Sunday, swimming , Prezzo... [Mon 20 February 2017]

Roka is open again! Been for a walk this evening, getting my step count up. Looks like Roka were telling the... [Sat 7 January 2017]

Yeah the clocks go back, but It's an extra hour in bed for everyone except me and the boys. They won't stay in bed an extra... [Fri 28 October 2016]

So lots of weekend activity Clare was working on Saturday, and we needed the car so all had to be up early driving her in. We... [Mon 19 September 2016]

Friday night pub fun Had not done my 10k because I worked through my lunch today, so aftet tea I walked to the... [Sat 14 May 2016]

I got hailed into the pub Not hailed by someone, but forced into the pub by a hail storm today. I was out for a lunchtime... [Thu 7 April 2016]

Splendid afternoon on Folkestone Harbour Arm Follow our progress here ... a surprisingly sunny day, I thought there was supposed to be an... [Sun 30 August 2015]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a code engineer, and I do mostly js, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubbing, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal blog, so if you search here for pubs or other venues you will only find inn doors pubs / venues I have been to or plan to go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you are interested in a more general search Please try inn doors on Folkestone Gerald, where I list national and even international venues...

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