Quiet week


Quiet week

Think I am not going to the Inn Doors this week, but not such a bad thing to have a quiet weekend after such a big and relatively expensive weekend this weekend. I will be back to report on all the details, but had a great time on our little jaunt to London.
Main reason is Clare is going in for her procedure on Thursday, get her pelvic floor fixed! Not the sort of thing to write about on the blog though. Going in on Thursday and for a general anaesthetic for it too, a bit hairy. Don't want to make too big a deal of it but wondering if I should be going in with her. Her dad is going and that was all sorted before I realised it was a general even. I am working from home for several of the following days until she is back on her feet. Should be off work for a whole month with this one. Has properly crept up on me, though it's been in the offing for a long time. Sure Clare has been thinking about it every day forever.
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