Lovely meal at Dr Legumes


Lovely meal at Dr Legumes

Nice night out last night, Grandpa babysit so we booked the pop up meal by Dr Legumes at Orchard Lane in Sandgate. Stopped for a couple of drinks on the way at The Inn Doors too, good as I missed my regular Friday session this week and last.

It was all "small plates", sort of tapas:

☠ olives and focaccia
☠ sprouted hummus and focaccia
☠ Malay curried mince vetkoek sliders
☠ polenta and rosemary fries with fennel and chili
☠ watermelon, black olive, tofu cheas, cumin and mint
☠ sweet soy cauliflower with fennel, chili mayo
☠ jackfruit mole tostada, guacamole and tomato salsa
☠ raw slaw

There were five of us so we just ordered two of everything and that worked out about right. The vetkoek sliders were like a loose "meat" sandwich (though everything was vegan of course) and very good, everything was tasty. My favourite was the sweet soy cauliflower, it's a lot like the bang bang cauliflower they do at Wagamama now.

There were some great puddings too, I had a tea doughnut, really good, and so was Clare's compote thing.

Good to hear that Dr Legumes will have a permanent restaurant soon, though they can't announce where yet. It's going to be in the harbour area but not on the Harbour Arm. I wonder if they'll be one of the first businesses in the new development? That would explain why they can't announce it yet. Or probably more likely along Tontine Street.

Orchard Lane seems a really nice cafe too, this is the one we tried to go in a few weeks back but they were closed. Will go in again, seems to be owned by someone who I used to work with at Holiday Extras.

Went back in The Inn Doors for another drink on the way home. With this walking and mowing the lawn, and our earlier trip to the park in Hythe, and then my walk home (after a hair cut) I definitely got my step count in for the day. No idea actually how many as I have no device for counting still but I definitely smashed it.

Out with Dom and Jen and Dean tonight. I was sure Jen was going to pull out at the last minute but she was on great form.
Dom however was in a mood for some reason. He put being subdued down to him not drinking that evening, but it seemed more like he wasn't drinking because he was unhappy about something.
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