Got caught in a downpour at lunch


Got caught in a downpour at lunch

Walked to Sandgate at lunch, got caught in a downpour on the way back, no coat this time. Same thing happened to be on Friday. After work I walked to the Inn Doors and got absolutely drenched on the way home.

Saturday we had a nice day, though Clare was at work. Got the bus into Hythe with the boys, went to the library and played in the park. Then dragged them to a couple of supermarkets to get dinner before bussing back. Nice just hanging out, playing a bit of football and on the outdoor gym. Also great to see them enthused by the library.

We found a painted stone in Hythe, with #channelrocks on it (or is it channel rocks) and instructions to take a picture (in the new usual place) and hide it somewhere else. We have done the former, but the stone is still in the house right now...
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