Agnes Haybeetle Haybittle | Haybeetle Haybittle family tree / genealogy

BORN 1569 East Grinstead Sussex England

DIED 28 JUL 1604 Wadhurst

Now there's a surname you want to find in yr tree, far more easy to search for than "Clarke"!What's this link saying then? Mentions "Richard Longley & Agnes Hay beetle" seems it could be marriages, possible 1591. Seems to be an ss_djvu.txt">this link saying then? Mentions "Richard Longley & Agnes Hay beetle" looks like it could be the list of marriages, possible 1591. Seems to be an OCR scan of "THE PARISH REGISTER OF EAST GRINSTEAD, SUSSEX. 1558-1661. "THE Parish Register of East Grinstead for the period 1558 to 1812 is contained in five books, as follows : — Vol. I. 1558—1661. Vol. II. 1662—1743. Vol. III. 1748—1791. Vol. IV. 1762—1789 (Marriages only). Vol. V. 1762— 181 2 (Christenings and Burials only). With the exception of Vol. I. all the books are bound in vellum, + remain in a good state of preservation. During an interval of enforced leisure in the years 1889 — 1890 I transcribed from the original Register books all entries in Vols. I. + II., thus covering the period 1558—1743, + it is the contents of Vol. I. (1558—1661) which the Sussex Record Society has now undertaken to print"Also mentions "Richard Haybeetle & Elizabeth Dapson", "1598... Oct. 8 Richard Haybeetle & Martha Hammon", "142 EAST GRINSTEAD PARISH REGISTER. 1590... Oct. 25 Johane d. of Richard Haybeetle" "BURIALS. 145 1593... Johane d. of Richard Haybeetle", "BURIALS... 1629 May 1 Richard Haybeetle" This family tree also mentions Agnes Haybeetle.Sounds like a witches name though, doesn't it?

FATHER unknown

MOTHER unknown

SPOUSE Richard Longley -

I have no ancestors for Agnes. Agnes lived during the reign of Elizabeth I. We have 2 descendents for Agnes. We have 783 people in this family tree with 100 different family names, so only one Haybeetle Haybittle...

Agnes is 10x great-grandmother to Paul Leslie CLARKE

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