Joshua Joseph CLARK | CLARK family tree / genealogy

BORN 1 JUN 1859 Leeds, UK

DIED 13 SEP 1921 (Blood clot, following peritonitus)

[quote]An Englishman who came to Dublin aged 18 in 1877, as decorator to participate in the Catholic ecclesiastical building revival, with premisses at 33, North Frederick Street, Dublin. Cconverte

Joshua Joseph CLARK's will

FATHER Godfrey CLARK 1830 - ??

MOTHER Fanny Lillian 1840 - ??


We have 4 ancestors for Joshua, 2 for his father Godfrey, 0 for his mother Fanny. We have 14 descendents for Joshua. We have 786 people in this family tree with 98 different surnames, including 11 called CLARK.

Joshua is 2x great-grandfather to Clare Frances MAHON