Grand Theft Auto

PaulyGigography2001 ≫ Grand Theft Auto

The Vibe Bar 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL

nothing to do with the game, or the ex 3 Colours Red band of this name, was some popexers, at an event called Peep Show. No not that Peep Show either.

💬 PopEx Sells Out!

💬 Someone's made something of their Chums Chart

💬 Terry Christian

💬 The lead singer, can't remember his name

💬 A taster of who Channelfly are

💬 Fancy a Big Breakfast with Gay Dad?

💬 Marie Du Santiago

💬 Matt Bellamy

💬 Sophie Ellis-Bextor

💬 Make your friends hate you

💬 Manics: see me after class

💬 Richard Ashcroft

💬 marilyn manson

💬 blonde bird from holby city-name unknown

💬 christopher biggins and lesley joseph

💬 I should start making use of the facilities

💬 Mark Cousins

💬 Ian Rankin

💬 I just got it!

💬 Have you seen the new GQ Magazine?

💬 Art Thing Tonight

💬 Jude Law

💬 All Your Music Videos Are Belong To Us

💬 Yumi Yumi

💬 The singer bloke

💬 Go on, treat yourself

💬 Brett Anderson

💬 If you is in Islington

💬 Sunday Sunday

💬 the ginger one

💬 Captain Soul Album Launch

💬 Todays releases

💬 Rob Jenkins from Obaben

💬 Simon Fowler and Oscar Harrison

💬 Everclear tour dates

💬 TCTC Free Single

💬 Radiohead Summer Gig

💬 James Dean Bradfield

💬 Mark Lamarr

💬 Ken Barlow

I attended this one, more from this year in my gig history for 2001. Part of every gig I was at from '87 to 2023. It's an obvious step from my Best Gigs Ever weblog post. Yeah I know it's a bit geeky, let's let that go though, I'm enjoying reminiscing about this stuff.

Wed Mar 07 2001
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