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Step count and "step count" related things, including venues, pubs, gigs and posts about step count.If you have anything to offer concerning step count that I have not covered here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have something to contribute concerning my tree, local pubs or other venues, home automation step count experiments, home brew, beer, or cider. Thank you.

Bank holiday pub crawl 3 (or was it 2) Bathtub and Gunn Took a walk down to the Harbour Arm , or rather I dragged my buddy down there. He was tired, had... [Mon 24 April 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 2 (or was it three) Kipps My first of two trips to Kipps in a week, enjoyable place to sit and chat, I had a paddle of... [Mon 24 April 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 1) Chambers Easter Ales Fest Had some DFL friends in town so the one who was not breastfeeding came out to the pub with me... [Mon 24 April 2017]

I didn't spend the whole bank holiday in the pub, but I did get in three more pubs that I have not mentioned yet, I will report back individually... [Tue 18 April 2017]

Cool moon yesterday I can't take pictures of the moon, have tried, but don't have the kit or the skills. But take my... [Wed 12 April 2017]

Nice out again today, but then the cold fog rolled in Really nice out, cooler than yesterday, and misty. The mist looks great across the sea, though... [Thu 16 March 2017]

Rare midweek night out Just worked out today that I can't make it out to the pub next Saturday when Kev is visiting, so... [Thu 23 February 2017]

Soup maker is fine Must have just overfilled the soup maker which made it cut out. We have too much soup now,... [Mon 13 February 2017]

I never did come back with "London Weekend part three" Following part one and part two which are mostly reports of the Camden pubs I went to, on our... [Sun 12 February 2017]

Soup maker is up the creek A weekend of making soup , or trying to. Clare has been ill, the same sickness bug that the... [Sun 12 February 2017]

Last pub of the weekend: The Ice Wharf There was a humungous Wetherspoons right by our hotel. Not like other Wetherspoons , quite a... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Pub five of the weekend: The Queen's After the Hawley Arms I took a stroll up towards Chalk Farm . Clare had already told me the... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Pub, uh, four of the weekend? The Hawley Arms We went back to the hotel after dinner and put the boys to bed again. Actually Clare went off for... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Early dinner at Zizzi We museumed our way through lunch, but didn't really plan to stop for dinner quite so early. We... [Mon 6 February 2017]

London Transport museum was good Had some two for one tickets, but forgot to bring our train tickets with us that we needed to... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Caffe Nero This was the scene of the crime as it turns out... Just seen the Lego Disco Batman sets that we... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Lego store is ace We didnt' tell the boys far in advance that we were going to the new Lego shop in Leicester... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Great weekend in London: day two Lots of things to say, so posting day two of our Great weekend in London separately. As ever I... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Coffee and dessert in Steep Street The puddings did look good at Dr Legumes but as this was a rare trip out just the two of us we... [Mon 30 January 2017]

Excellent lunch was at Dr Legumes pop-up Dr Legumes have taken over the Smokehouse in Folkestone Harbour for three weeks, and Clare... [Mon 30 January 2017]

Very civilised day yesterday First, long lie in, even though I'd not had a late night, very nice. Went to bed early as I was... [Mon 30 January 2017]

Not home in time to catch gymnastics today Was hoping to be home before they headed off for gymnastics today and go with them but missed... [Fri 27 January 2017]

I recovered my missing steps yesterday I went walking late last night, after dinner, and recovered the steps that were not logged... [Wed 11 January 2017]

Another battery fail! Not the car or the phone this time though it's the stupid pebble watch . It knows that the... [Tue 10 January 2017]

Roka is open again! Been for a walk this evening, getting my step count up. Looks like Roka were telling the... [Sat 7 January 2017]

You know I mentioned that portable battery charger? It can start a car and power a phone and how I'm definitely going to get one of these for... [Sat 7 January 2017]

Did I know Veganuary was a thing? I'm going right through from veganuary to sproutcember myself. Was about to say I didn't... [Thu 5 January 2017]

Fixed the graph up above Had a corruption in the log file which meant one date was way out of range throwing the scale... [Wed 4 January 2017]

Thick frost on the car this morning I went out and defrosted, but a bit too early, so it'd frozen again by the time I went to work.... [Tue 3 January 2017]

Came 4th in the boxing day pub quiz not bad there were only 2 on our team. Smashed my recent step count 20k yesterday and 5k so far... [Tue 27 December 2016]

Hmm twitter auth is messing about Just wrote a big thing about how this repo is making my jump by playing music for me... [Thu 15 December 2016]

NCT christmas party yesterday A christmas tradition we must have done this for seven years now. A party at The Grand in... [Mon 12 December 2016]

Fun weekend Harry 's homework was a breeze, he had to learn spellings and times tables and had a practise... [Mon 5 December 2016]

When worlds collide Fitbit is buying Pebble , it says here ... does this mean mine and Clare's fitnes tracking... [Thu 1 December 2016]

I beat a whole week of targets on the Pebble Misfit fitness tracker I swear I did... I got a whole week of over 10,000 steps, but at exactly 6pm today it reset... [Sun 30 October 2016]

Kept my step count up since losing my FitBit Fitbit haven't come up with a free replacement yet, I think they're done with me, so I'm using... [Fri 28 October 2016]

We went in The View for a drink before the show The new fancy recently converted hotel called The View, not the old one of that name. It really... [Sun 23 October 2016]

Jon Richardson also great Two nights out in a row, two proper ticketed events, at the same venue, what patrons of the arts... [Sun 23 October 2016]

Day has started very badly Just spotted I did not plug my fitbit in last night so even though I was up first and have been... [Sun 4 September 2016]

Fitbit is syncing on the computer again Phew I have not lost out on any step count with having no phone for a few days... I moved the... [Wed 24 August 2016]

It is blowing an actual hooley out there Very windy today, I struggled to get my 10,000 steps today, it was actually hard to walk out... [Wed 29 June 2016]

Beer festival weekend Full and busy weekend, two days at the Beer Festival at Ashcroft Arts Centre, great to catch up... [Mon 27 June 2016]

Food diary (Wednesday) Breakfast: vitamin drink, toast with marmite, cup of tea Lunch: Clare's homemade lentil soup and... [Wed 15 June 2016]

Harry's toboggan party went well yesterday It rained most of the day, we thought it might be a wash out but it was fine. Dry and warm and... [Mon 13 June 2016]

It's safe to read the Trip Advisor reviews now we're back Some of these are shocking. I think it depends how lucky or unlucky you were with the... [Sat 4 June 2016]

Out of step My step count record was slightly bummed while we were away. Apart from a brief 30 minute wifi... [Sat 4 June 2016]

We went to Center Parcs! We went to Center Parcs Les Bois-Francs in France for half term, here are our pictures .... [Sat 4 June 2016]

Sunday we went early to the Natural History Museum A good breakfast then on the tube to South Ken, with our suitcase, and into the queue for the... [Thu 5 May 2016]

Dinner in Zizzi Much better than our first nights dinner. Yes we often eat in chains because we have four fussy... [Wed 4 May 2016]

Spent most of the afternoon in the National Maritime Museum Lots of fun for the kids and some interesting things to see. The giant map upstairs was not... [Mon 2 May 2016]

Lunch in Greenwich market Hadn't been here for ages, what has happened? You can't move for vegan s in there now! How good... [Mon 2 May 2016]

We travelled on past Greenwich to North Greenwich The cable car there was a lot higher than I was expecting, I had second thoughts. The boys were... [Mon 2 May 2016]

Saturday morning, boat trip to Greenwich After a good breakfast in the hotel, we headed out to meet Emma and Jeff and to take a boat trip... [Mon 2 May 2016]

Last pub of the night, the Hung Drawn and Quartered This pub was better, quieter and more comfortable. Lots of royal portraits about the place,... [Mon 2 May 2016]

I went in the Cheshire Cheese Second pub of my first night exploration was the Cheshire Cheese. Not the one on Fleet Street but... [Mon 2 May 2016]

I went in the Dickens Inn While we were checking out restaurants we saw the Dickens Inn, looks a great building, a proper... [Mon 2 May 2016]

First night we ate at Cafe Rouge, for the last time It was a tiring day getting to London really for Harry, after he'd done a full day of school,... [Mon 2 May 2016]

We stayed at the Novotel, Tower Hill Previously on our little jaunts to London with the boys we've stayed in Greenwich and Kings... [Mon 2 May 2016]

Splendid London weekender I took Friday afternoon off this week, so as soon as Harry had finished school we jumped straight... [Mon 2 May 2016]

There's been a caravan on Princes Parade for four days now I am a nosey neighbour! I often walk along Princes Parade in the evening just before or just... [Thu 7 April 2016]

And 10k by lunchtime again of course Easy with that non-sleeping early start... [Tue 15 March 2016]

6k by breakfast time Never mind my 10k by lunchtime that I did yesterday, last night I could not sleep at all, so I... [Tue 15 March 2016]

10k by lunchtime Just about did this, had a super long walk at lunch. Nice out, though cold, so my hands are... [Mon 14 March 2016]

Took Tommy swimming today Clare took Harry for a hair cut, while Tommy and I went swimming . Went to Hythe pool for a... [Sat 12 March 2016]

Next-level marital trolling That's what my friend Stu says of my use of to automatically send messages to Clare... [Mon 7 March 2016]

Moody sky this lunchtime Went for a walk, get my step count up a bit at lunch. I actually ran for a bit, so as to save... [Thu 25 February 2016]

Rubbish step count today My step count has been good since I've had this fitbit , even since I updated it to correctly... [Tue 2 February 2016]

I reckon today will be my first day without hitting the 10,000 steps Was at work all day, very busy, not really time to go out, and the weather was foul too. Unless I... [Wed 27 January 2016]

Walked at lunch Did a different route, up Hospital Hill to The Corniche, then down past the Earl of Clarendon... [Mon 25 January 2016]

I smashed my step count yesterday On Saturday, despite not leaving the house, I smashed my arbitraty step count for the week.... [Mon 25 January 2016]

Went back to my old new office this week Had a meeting back at The Barn so went to work there for the morning. Had a bit of a walk... [Sun 3 January 2016]

My fitness / step count has just dived off a cliff Yesterday I did an amazing amount of walking. Today I have done none. I had the day off, to look... [Tue 2 June 2015]

I can't believe my Nan has a better telly than me Weekend roundup... also where can I watch the rugby in Hythe this Saturday? [Mon 12 March 2012]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a code engineer, and I do mostly js, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubbing, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal blog, so if you search here for pubs or other venues you will only find step count pubs / places I was at or plan to go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you want a more general search Please try step count on Folkestone Gerald, where I list national and even international venues...

As it turns out there are no pubs / venues regarding step count anyway. Enjoy the posts though.Have I missed something? Please give me a shout!

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