I never did come back with "London Weekend part three"


I never did come back with "London Weekend part three"

Following part one and part two which are mostly reports of the Camden pubs I went to, on our final day we went to no pubs at all. Another good breakfast in the hotel then a mooch around the markets. The boys are still too young to be as interested in the retro fashions and antiques and other junk there, and it was a bit cold and wet too.

We stopped for a break in Cookies and Scream it was one of the focal points for me when planning the trip, really just because I searched for Camden Vegan and it showed up. They do cookies and brownies and ice cream and it's all vegan, so we stopped there for coffees and treats. All good, the brownies and ice cream especially, one of the cookies was not nice, the one without peanut butter that we got for the youngest.

We struggled a little to get back to St Pancras after this. Thought of getting the tube, but remembered when we got there that Camden Town is exit only at weekends. Didn't want to walk to far with the boys, they were tired and wanting to go home, so hung around for a bus. Surprisingly few busses seem to travel that short distance from there to Kings Cross.

Nice relaxed journey home, via a stop at M&S to get some treats for the train, and we were home a lot earlier than we might have been. If it was nice out we'd have stayed out longer.

I walked back from the station and got my full step count in. Lovely weekend!
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