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Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone, Kent

Harbour Arm, Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone, Kent

Harbour Arm, Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone, Kent

Harbour Arm, Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone, Kent

It's moved to the harbour arm now! Details folkestonebeerfestival.co.uk
On 11th - 13th September 2015.
Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone, Kent [2015-09-10 2015]

Excellent bread from the Harbour Arm Saturday morning we went for a walk and a scoot down to the Harbour Arm . Was a lovely day... [Sun 22 April 2018]

Harbour Arm Sunday It was nearly a nice day on Sunday so we headed to the Harbour Arm looking for food... Clare... [Mon 16 April 2018]

Went to the Harbour Arm looking for vegan food Heard The Harbour Arm was opening this weekend and Doctor Legumes were going to have an... [Mon 26 March 2018]

My day out, in Folkestone We each picked a day out this last week, during our week off together, and mine was yesterday, to... [Mon 21 August 2017]

Fathers day was as great as it seemed it was going to be Another glorious day yesterday too. We went for lunch at Sunshine Barbecue and it was good for... [Mon 19 June 2017]

Awesome fathers day It's been a great weekend already, and this morning I had a lie in and breakfast in bed... [Sun 18 June 2017]

Lovely meal at Dr Legumes Nice night out last night, Grandpa babysit so we booked the pop up meal by Dr Legumes at... [Sun 11 June 2017]

Walked through Folkestone on Sunday Went into town, the boys on their scooters. Clare went through the centre to do a little... [Mon 29 May 2017]

Nice Sunday too Took the boys to a boot fair on Hythe Green in the morning, got nothing for me but a tonne of... [Mon 22 May 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 3 (or was it 2) Bathtub and Gunn Took a walk down to the Harbour Arm , or rather I dragged my buddy down there. He was tired, had... [Mon 24 April 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 2 (or was it three) Kipps My first of two trips to Kipps in a week, enjoyable place to sit and chat, I had a paddle of... [Mon 24 April 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 1) Chambers Easter Ales Fest Had some DFL friends in town so the one who was not breastfeeding came out to the pub with me... [Mon 24 April 2017]

On our night out we went to 3) Kipps Ale House Nice place, last stop. They do vegan food here too, we had a strange flapjack "power bar"... [Sun 23 April 2017]

On our night out we went to 2) Follies (on the harbour arm) Pizza , at Follies on the Harbour Arm . Really does not look like anything is going to be... [Sun 23 April 2017]

On our night out we went to 1) The Inn Doors Very nice to go in the Inn Doors with the wife, generally I go on my own. Nice to see literally... [Sun 23 April 2017]

Awesome tidy gardens Mum and Dad have done an amazing job this weekend - came to visit, even though we could not... [Sun 23 April 2017]

We had our dessert in Steep Street After lunch we all walked and scooted down to the harbour arm again - I've said it before I'm... [Wed 19 April 2017]

Had another enoyable meal in Follies I chose the wrong pizza this time though... went for dinner with our visiting DFL friends, to... [Wed 19 April 2017]

I didn't spend the whole bank holiday in the pub, but I did get in three more pubs that I have not mentioned yet, I will report back individually... [Tue 18 April 2017]

Googies lunch was really good Double good because Emma and Jeff paid for it! Really good, good food for everyone. They have a... [Sun 9 April 2017]

Coffee and dessert in Steep Street The puddings did look good at Dr Legumes but as this was a rare trip out just the two of us we... [Mon 30 January 2017]

Excellent lunch was at Dr Legumes pop-up Dr Legumes have taken over the Smokehouse in Folkestone Harbour for three weeks, and Clare... [Mon 30 January 2017]

Very civilised day yesterday First, long lie in, even though I'd not had a late night, very nice. Went to bed early as I was... [Mon 30 January 2017]

Hot Sunday We went to see the ADP Riot Tour container / trailer. It's by Jimmy Cauty of the KLF and... [Mon 15 August 2016]

Swimming yesterday Clare went shoe shopping yesterday and tricked Harry into going with here with the offer of a... [Mon 4 July 2016]

Lunch at Follies today We had lunch in the main Follies today. Didn't head down to the Harbour Arm as the weather... [Sun 15 May 2016]

For tea we went to Wagamama We're going to London soon, and planning to eat in a wagamama while we're there, so thought... [Mon 18 April 2016]

We had lunch on the big blue bus We ate an early lunch on the Big Blue Greek bus on the Harbour Arm and it was a success. Most... [Mon 18 April 2016]

Lovely looking day yesterday A bit chilly out of the sun but lovely in it. We went to the Harbour Arm in the morning: [Mon 18 April 2016]

Oh and Clare banged her head Running after Tommy on the Harbour Arm, head down, watching him rather than where she was going... [Mon 21 March 2016]

Did have lunch in Follies Follies down on the Harbour Arm of course, not the original one on Sandgate Road. This is a... [Mon 21 March 2016]

Saw a dolphin today at Folkestone Harbour Lovely, went to Folkestone Harbour Arm today for lunch and a look round. It just reopened... [Mon 21 March 2016]

Tried to have lunch on the Greek Bus The big blue Greek bus on the Harbour Arm looked good for lunch for all of us, bits of the... [Sun 20 March 2016]

First poo in the potty today number two son, not me... potty training going well, the first poo had to be on my watch though... [Sun 27 September 2015]

Day 18 of not not drinking? Wedding on Friday was fantastic, happy couple have gone off on honeymoon today. Was great... [Mon 21 September 2015]

Actually not Copper and Spices, we're going to Everest now [Thu 10 September 2015]

Folkestone Beer festival can take card payments! One of the hiccups of the Harbour Arm opening weekend, for me anyway, was the lack of being able... [Thu 10 September 2015]

Day NINE of not not drinking And still not drinking. Until Friday probably. When I might try and race to the beer festival... [Wed 9 September 2015]

Folkestone beer festival has moved to the Harbour Arm Aargh, another nail in my not drinking coffin, of course the beer festival is on this... [Tue 8 September 2015]

Splendid afternoon on Folkestone Harbour Arm Follow our progress here ... a surprisingly sunny day, I thought there was supposed to be an... [Sun 30 August 2015]

Folkestone Harbour Arm is OPEN for business Went to Folkestone Harbour Arm today, and it's fantastic. Maybe a bit too cool for the kids, but... [Sat 8 August 2015]

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