Fathers day was as great as it seemed it was going to be


Fathers day was as great as it seemed it was going to be

Another glorious day yesterday too. We went for lunch at Sunshine Barbecue and it was good for us all, I had IMAM BAYILDI (delicately fried aubergine, stuffed mixed peppers, onions, garlic & tomato sauce, served with rice) while the others all had chicken shish. Nice meal, nice place, good choice! Then off to the Harbour Arm, a nice walk round and stopped for a couple of drinks for just about the first time on one of these afternoons! First sat outside Bathtub and Gunn and then had another from one of the van type places while the boys played with the giant jenga and connect four in the sun. Was the busiest I've ever seen the Harbour Arm area, most noticeable from the car park which seemed full. Everywhere around was busy, though not overcrowded. Everyone seemed to be out, there were pleasure boats, a wake boarder, and even a doughnut type thing being towed along, properly holiday. Big thanks to Clare for making it such a lovely day.
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