On our night out we went to 1) The Inn Doors (#24706)


Awesome tidy gardens


Mum and Dad have done an amazing job this weekend - came to visit, even though we could not spend as much time with this as usual, they came to work! And did a great job, our front and back gardens are looking neater than they ever have.

We spent some time together on Friday, had a curry together on Friday night while Clare was out at the school disco, then Dad and I headed off to the Inn Doors.

Saturday we went to a 70th birthday sort of, family reunion for a lot of Clare's family. All her cousins on her Mum's side together for the first time in ages, for a meal and a few drinks. We went to Iden Green for this, to a village hall type place. It's called The Pavilion, it was a proper Midsomer Murders setting. Good play area outside that the kids really enjoyed. Nice for them to run around with lots of second cousins too.

Saturday evening after we got back, Clare and I went OUT! We never go out together, quite rarely, unless it is a holiday or something.
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On our night out we went to 1) The Inn Doors

Very nice to go in the Inn Doors with the wife, generally I go on my own. Nice to see literally several people in there to say hello to, I felt popular and like a real regular, was very nice.

Dad and I had had gin and tonic the night before, he had an Irish Gunpowder gin that was not remarkable, but I had Mason's Tea Gin that I really liked. Talked Clare into having one, while I had my regular Bushell's cider, but it did not grab her in quite the same way, so we swapped.

This was just our first stop on our walk from home to The Harbour Arm. Onward!
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On our night out we went to 2) Follies (on the harbour arm)

Pizza, at Follies on the Harbour Arm. Really does not look like anything is going to be open at the Harbour Arm in the evenings, you have to be confident to head down there, no-one is coming and going. You have to be pretty close up before you can smell the pizza and hear the music playing. Great place, feels like a secret when you are down there at night. I chose the correct vegan pizza this time, with barbecue jackfruit and vegan cheese, rather than the dry and dull Moroccan style pizza I had the other day. Tasty and quick service.

Hmm, confusing using a parenthesis after the 2 and then round some words too like that, it looks wrong.

Both a bit tired, so not up for a raging night out. Thought about a bloody mary in Cockles, also on the Harbour Arm, but not quite, nor a drink in one of the other Harbour Arm bars, though maybe we should have. Clare did not even want to walk home, we'd agreed in advance walk one way and taxi back. Time for just one more drink...
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On our night out we went to 3) Kipps Ale House

Nice place, last stop. They do vegan food here too, we had a strange flapjack "power bar" thing along with our drinks. Then a taxi home. We're too tired for a proper night out.
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