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Mary Ann Clark (nee Rayner) 1795 - 1864

I just remembered and thought I'd look up the early life of Joshua Clark. He's the one who went to Dublin, he's Clare's relative and not mine, but I feel sure there is more easy info to be gathered about this family. They lived in a city and seem to have been fairly well to do. I found this which is a births and deaths record from a local newspaper, Bradford Observer, from Thursday 09 June 1864.

Extract from the Bradford Observer June 1864

Same day, aged 70, Mary Ann, relict of Mr. Joshua Clark, of Leeds, formerly of Wakefield.

The names and the dates match up ("same day" refers back to an earlier line, which refers to an earlier reference, which takes us to Tuesday 31st May 1864) so I think that is Mary Ann Rayner. It doesn't get us very much further, but that is a little bit of new info we didn't have before.

She'd be his grandmother. Then another newspaper entry on the same page, but from Wakefield Free Press, Saturday 28 November 1863:

Extract from Wakefield Free Press, November 1863

On the 25th inst,, aged 68 years, Mr. Joshua Clark, shop-keeper, Meadow-lane, Leeds, formerly of Wakefield.

So that would be this Joshua Clark, grandfather of the one I was looking for and so far the earliest one in that line we have in the family tree database. At some point I have wondered if I had details of his parents, the details are on here but I don't know if that info was any good. Looks like Leeds Mercury of Friday 27 November 1863 also has a record of his death. But now I've used up my free looks and would have to spend some money. Will think about it after pay day...

This was just my first go at this too. Well this time. Oh and not actually my first attempt this time, I first started looking for The Hallamshire Hotel, where I understand my Nan was evacuated to during the war. I thought the hotel was owned by a relative, but haven't found anything useful.

Thu Dec 29 2022

Photo of Mary Davison (1876 - ??)

Got a photo of My Great-Great-Grandmother from Nan, along with her mother, so My Great-Grandmother, and William Tee.

Hope this works, if not it's with the other family tree pictures.

Sat Apr 07 2018

Which Ruth is this?

Ruth Merridew? Or another Ruth?

Mon Oct 30 2017

Ruth's Daughter Linsey married Andrew Elliott from GA. They lived in Missouri Shannon Blairs Creek in 1880. They had a daughter they named Ruth May Elliott born abt 1876. Ruth M Elliott married Isaac Coleman 1895 Desoto Missouri

Mon Oct 30 2017

Have you seen our Windebanks?

It's a great name easy to trace, here are all of ours do you see any crossover?

Mon Feb 20 2017

I am doing family tree and also have the surname windebank on my tree - not sure if we can help each other

Sat Feb 18 2017

Is our Mary Ann Rainey actually Mary Ann Kidd?

We only have her in the records as Mary Ann Rainey (1859 -) her married name, she married Samuel Rainey. I looked up the BMD records for the area, searching for Raineys and found this.

This would be great if it's them as a) we could get the certificates and b) it's a whole new branch of the tree...

Kidd family tree, we must have some pirates in there then surely?

Sat Jan 28 2017

Thomas Christmas (1531 - 1589)

RE: Thomas Christmas (christmas tree!)

Found this post on an ancestry forum regaring Thomas Christmas:

The following information was given to me via email. I dont know who originally did the research (some was done by Henry CHRISTMAS) so I can not vouch for its accuracy without sources. It is however an excellent guideline. I do believe this family tree has gone back one more generation but I am unable to access it as I dont have the updated version to read it. I am happy to send the files I do have to you as we appear to by family. So, gday cuz.

Thomas b? d1589 of Northchapel, SSX and Binsted HAM (yeoman of Eastlands). 1st m=? (your line) 2nd m=1582 Agnes LICKFOLD (LYKEFOLD and other variations) NOTE: Some online sources say that he only married once and that your line is from Thomas & Agnes. I have also seen various variations of how much he presumably donated to the Armada fund in 1588. Some say 5 othes say up to 25.

Balthasar d1603 North Chapel m=1580 Chiddingfold SRY to Margaret RAPLEY

William b1583 Lurgshall m= AGNES (dont know if this is first of surname)

Henry b1645 d?(clothier) m=1674 Farnham to Ann BRIDGER d1703

Henry b1675 Lurgashall m=?

John b1719 d1782 Kirdford (yeoman) m= Elizabeth ELLIOTT

William b1762 d1837 Pentworth (farmer) m=1785 Kindford to Ann COOPER b1761 d1828

Samuel b1799 Pentworth (carpenter) m=1820 Brighton to Elizabeth DAVIS

FREDERICK b1825 Brighton (carpenter) m=1849 Brighton to Elizabeth Ann TILL. They emigrated to New Zealand in 1862/1864

Sun Nov 13 2016

There's loads of Sherwood info that we don't have on this site

This sounds a bit jumbled, but is it really our Joseph Gross Sherwood? Well it definitely is, the names and the dates match, but does it have unrelated people's info mixed in? Are our Sherwoods originally from Northamptonshire?

Gross Joseph Sherwood was born in 1826, at birth place, to William Sherwood and Martha Sherwood (born Gross). William was born circa 1796, in Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire, England. Martha was born circa 1794, in Rushden, Northamptonshire, England. Gross had 6 siblings: Edmund Sherwood, James P Sherwood and 4 other siblings. Gross married Evelina Sherwood (born Dore) in 1847, at age 21 at marriage place. Evelina was born circa 1828, in Portsea, Portsmouth. Hampshire. They had 10 children: Joseph Gross Sherwood, Emma Dore (born Sherwood) and 8 other children.

Wed Sep 21 2016 has Sherwood extracts from the 1901 census

Maybe we've looked these up before but it looks like it has one of my great grandfathers Leonard SHERWOOD (1899 -), Nan's dad and his parents (my great great grandparents) Henry Sherwood and Mary Rout. He was two years old. Looks like there's more than one household here so I've added a space where I think the gaps should be as normally the head of the household would be first. Maybe they all lived next door to one another? The original data is here, well the original transcription from the census.

12580413516533Mabel  Sherwood17Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouthGeneral](/wiki/#portsmouth) Serv Domestic99971
12580593516538Henry Sherwood48Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouthRetired](/wiki/#portsmouth) Railway Engine Driver99973
12580594516538Mary Sherwood38Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth99973](/wiki/#portsmouth)
12580595516538Eva Sherwood20Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth99973](/wiki/#portsmouth)
12580596516538George Sherwood13Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouthErrand](/wiki/#portsmouth) Boy99973
12580597516538Frank Sherwood11Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth99973](/wiki/#portsmouth)
12580599516539Dora Sherwood7Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth99974](/wiki/#portsmouth)
12580600516539Horace Sherwood3Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth99974](/wiki/#portsmouth)
12580601516539Leonard Sherwood2Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth99974](/wiki/#portsmouth)
12581809516585George  Sherwood35Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouthRailway](/wiki/#portsmouth) Clerk99997
12581810516585Julia  Sherwood33Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth99997](/wiki/#portsmouth)
12581811516585Reginald  Sherwood6Hants [PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth99997](/wiki/#portsmouth)


Wed Sep 21 2016

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