Blog2024 ≫ This looks a good trendy new coffee cup

Still seeking the perfect coffee cup, still not found it. Been recommended this one1, friend saw them in Brighton yesterday in a trendy coffee shop. It looks A LOT like my Chilly's coffee cup, which I am very pleased with. I think I would like one a bit smaller, it would keep the amount of coffee I like hotter if the size of the cup was matched to the size of the drink. I don't think this one is any better than the Chilly's coffee cup I have1, hut maybe. It is two quid cheaper. Going to stick with what I have.

Annoyingly the best rated cup on that page is the one that Clare has and says I should have. I don't like it though, it's like a big Tommy Tippee sippy cup. I like the one I have (and think I would like the Fellow Carter one too1 as it has a proper cup rim to drink from.

Estimated 1552 cups of coffee from my espresso machine1 prob'ly comes to £1.10 a cup (including actual coffee and now servicing1 so not the 'leccy).

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