Blog2024 ≫ No storm damage afaik

Noisy story overnight, Storm Isha, but I don't think we had any damage.

I did make faily good use of the free energy, but I did not get up at 4am to use this morning's. Put the tumble dryer on again this morning to finish off the washing that only had half an hour's drying last night.

Power did go off this morning, tripped out, and now the toaster won't work. Tried different sockets (last time I got a new toaster and it turned out to be the socket) but no. Have taken the fuse out, but do I have spare fuses? Don't know when I've changed a fuse recently. I will look in the toolbox. Ah, which is in the shed. And it's still wet out there and now covered with snippings of brambles. Yesterday I tried to do some hedge trimming. It has made my hands and my arms hurt and so far only made the garden look slightly worse. I have filled up the bin but don't seem to have lost a bin's worth of brambles from the garden. I'll give it another go.

Pretty sure it is THIRTY YEARS AGO TODAY that we first saw Echobelly at The Joiners in Southampton. Think this is the first of my gigs of the britpop era, so there will be plenty more anniversaries things this year. Thirty years since my first Glastonbury and my first Reading festival...

Also, less round, but still good, twenty-eight years since this NME Brat Bus Tour gig, The Bluetones, Cardigans, Heavy Stereo and Fluffy. Was talking with a friend on Friday about how the Bluetones are doing some sort of gig in Dover, and how much he likes them, what was that song now? You know their really big hit single..? Turns out he was thinking of Chumbawamba.

NME Brat Bus Tour ticket 1996

Free energy is over for today, but sign up to Octopus here1 to get in next time.

42Kph winds and rain, 4 - 11℃.

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