Blog2018 ≫ Tax return done 💅

I was worrying for a bit, the big share transaction / MBO happened this year and I wasn't sure I had saved enough to pay the tax owed. I did save enough but have chiselled into it a couple of times... however it all falls into next year's tax return so that's future Paul's problem! All done and no tax owing, I hope I got it right.

Nice small van with 3 beds and midship bathroom1, we just need to either fit another bunk in there and we can go off adventuring! Or, more likely, that size would be fine, and the boys and I would be in the van and her ladyship would be in a nearby spa hotel.

This one sleeps four2 but compromises more on the bathroom.

I'm never getting a camper van again, I didn't keep it nice when I did have one. I couldn't even look after the beetle.

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