Blog2018 ≫ Solder skills to the rescue

Hmm, "skills". Thing one came home from school tag day with his new light up hat1 not working. Looked like it had been pulled apart to me, but he says it just went like that by itself. I put it back together, soldered, bit of hot glue and it's nearly as good as new... the light doesn't quite reach round to the other end of the fibre optic thing, so maybe there's a little reflector missing from the other end. I may try putting an extra LED in there. But it's not bad.

Ah yeah I can see in the close up picture here1 there should be an LED in either end, that bit of wire was completely missing. I can fix it!

Went to the school christmas plays today, and even though we got there quite late, big queue, we got front row seats! Just a mix up over the reserved sign they'd put on one end seat, everyone thought the whole front row was reserved. So, best seats in the house to see my boys. One of them is a bit shyer than the other so he hung right back when he wasn't speaking his line, but still, lovely.

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