Blog2018 ≫ Certainly not had a service in years

Waved a tearful farewell to the beetle, a man came and took it away on the back of a breakdown truck. Was £80 for that in the end, could have been worse. It seems to have safely arrived at the new garage:

All arrived ok. Certainly not had a service in years!!! Condenser is rusty Distributor cap knackered and racing across to steel fuel line. Fuel lines are so old really lucky didn't drive much further Tony honest! I'll have a look on morning and order parts for it

We think that was meant to say "arcing" rather than racing, and I'm no sure who Tony is. Ah "to be honest"... doesn't sound like it's going to be that expensive does it? Mind, he has not tried to drive it yet, what will he say when he finds the gearbox trying to leap out like it does. Is it really that much of a death trap?

This guy sounds good, I hope he is.

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