Blog2018 ≫ I can use the saved service charge to get the beetle towed away

Aha, serendipity, guessing it'll cost me about £100 to get the beetle towed somewhere to have it looked at won't it? And I just saved that in the surprise reduction of service charge. I should definitely sort that this week, and not just put it off and leave the car sat there for weeks on end.

Now is the crunch time though, to decide if it's just throwing good money after bad, or if it is worth keeping the beetle going. I love it, and it looks cool, and I really appreciate having it. I love the looks on people's faces when they see it, I really like being the person driving it. Also I needed transport to get to that other office for a year and it all worked out nicely. However every time someone looks at it it costs too much money.

It's a rich man's hobby having a novelty car like this. However I do need to get to work. Maybe all this running has strengthened my legs enough to be able to cycle there and back? Or maybe just run that distance. There is a shower at work

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