Blog2018 ≫ Fitbit software is still poor and disjointed

Some of the functionality is on the website dashboard, some is on the mobile app and some is on the desktop app. Actually of course some of it is on the watch itself now. The watch tells me to use the app, the mobile app tells me to use the desktop to set up music on the watch, so I had to install some new software on my macbook. Then that tells me I can't set up the Fitbit Versa on the desktop app, I have to use the mobile app. If I try and sync there I get

Not working? If there are other trackers nearby, move them away. Make sure your tracker is close to your computer. If your tracker is connected to a nearby mobile device, disable Bluetooth on your mobile device and try again or use the Fitbit mobile app instead.

WAT??? This is annoying. I had heard this was bad, they must improve this.

I finally got some music synced to the fitbit, but I had to use ITunes. I hope I can get my old Playlistr code up and running again that I used to use to transfer music to the phone.

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