Blog2018 ≫ Lovely night out at the Seagull

Went to the Seagull to meet Ro, who had generously travelled in from Whitely to celebrate my pre-birthday and his post-birthday. Awesome to catch up and chat, we drank a lot of wine though. I had one pint first, and it wasn't very good, a "Un-Beer-Lievable" supposedly brewed by Chris Kamara1. I thought it tasted like Greene King IPA, not nice. Then on to the wine, there is a Sauvignon Blanc that I like there, so we moved to the beer garden and drank that. Ro was demonstrating his new gimbal, a powered stabilising selfie-stick, very clever and professional. Then Clare turned up, and they'd run out of that wine so we had a bottle of something else, and then two more bottles after that. Too much. We played pool, I didn't remember until it was mentioned the next day but now I do remember trying to film some of it. Then I don't remember getting home but luckily there is footage of me and my big mouth once I did get home. Then I was up on the night failing to find the bathroom, bumbling through all the cupboards and other bedrooms on my way to the loo. People were only talking to be the next morning because it was my birthday and they kind of had to.

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