Blog2012 ≫ Good day in IKEA; bad day of DIY

Had another day off today, so we went to IKEA to cash in the vouchers we got free last time we went. Had a good spend up, an old style IKEA shop, grazing for things that I'm not entirely sure what their for but I bought them anyway. Some of these things are going to come in handy I'm sure, and they're mostly cheap and aesthetically pleasing. Not everything has worked out though, the first two things I've tried to go since I got home failed. One was one of these, I thought it would make a smart drinks holder to clip on to our bedside cabinet to stop any danger of a glass getting knocked over. It holds a pint glass nicely, but won't quite clip on how I want. The next fail was worse, I bought a couple these floating shelves forgetting how cheesy our walls are. They didn't fill me with any confidence when I put the first one up in Hthe boy's room, so I've taken it down again. Bah wasted money.

Still, it was a fabulous day today weather wise, and we had a nice time milling around, and a nice lunch, and the boy enjoyed it too. And I was not working.

Now I have a night in to myself, might go through some of the comics etc I brought back at the weekend...

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