Blog2012 ≫ The Genesis Project

I'm in Hampshire this weekend visiting, and went to Portsmouth yesterday to buy a copy of my nephew's first album. It's called The Genesis Project1, it's a school fundraising thing, they have put together a CD. Strangely it has tracks by Nirvana and Muse (which he swears they have permission to use) alongside songs performed by him and his friends; George has done a song he wrote himself plus a cover of Sweet Child O' Mine and it's great.

The group that makes the most money wins a trip to India to see where the charity money is going, so good luck to them.

Had a great night last night too, went to The Miner's Arms with Andy and Dave, a very enjoyable evening. I've only been to that pub a couple of times before, both historic occasions though; my stag do and the night before Andy's wedding.

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