Blog2012 ≫ Pukey weekend

Oh dear Number one son was ill at the weekend. Sick on the way to Canterbury in the car, and then when we got to Strada he had a juice and sicked that up too :-( As it was just juice was not really all that messy, not sure anyone else really noticed, the waitress possibly thought he'd just knocked the juice over. He was fine after that and was OK for the rest of the evening. He didn't eat his dinner, but then did have some crackers and some jelly beans later so I think that means he's healthy again...

Apart from that the rest of the weekend was good. I did a bundle of coding for fun, which I have not done in a while. As well as the music pie that I made, I wrote a script that runs on Media Monkey every time I play a track that sends the genre details I have in there to last.fm1. Still needs a bit of tweaking but soon my music pie will be accurate... This involved writing some vbscript which I don't think I've done before. Not sure how valuable or transferrable these skills are though.

We got our food to take away from Strada, and had it for tea, it was nice, we will go back again.

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