Blog2012 ≫ Yesterday's London trip was good

A flying visit to the London Web Performance Group, learned some new things and got some good ideas to try out. The venue was the London Canal Museum which was really handy for St Pancras, but just far enough to give me some walking. I did over 8000 steps, 5500 of them aerobic, at a pace, not just sauntering. Many of them were past pubs, on the way to the venue and on the way back. I think I will enjoy the next one of these tech groups more, there's one on the 15th, there was free booze at the talk and time to go to the pub after. I got home about ten which wasn't too bad, though it's always a shame to miss an evening with the boy.

Done nearly 4000 so far today including my regular lunchtime 3000 "aerobic" steps, walking to Lympne and back. The rain was fierce earlier but it was fine by the time I got out there.

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