Blog2012 ≫ Internet meat up

I am going to this1 tomorrow, a London based internet meet up, that takes me back! This is specifically about website speed, there will be a talk.

Hello Web Speeder!

Thanks for joining the London Web Performance Group!

The group is all about sharing best practices and our own experiences in trying to make websites faster (and hence our website visitors happier!).

If you are new to Web Performance Optimisation (WPO) probably a good place to start is with two browser plug-ins (Yahoo ySlow and Google PageSpeed) and the two web performance books by Steve Souders (just Google Steve Souders for details).

The group tries to meet once a month in central London for one or two presentations on a relevant topic followed by a beer and open conversation.

Please follow us on Twitter at @LDNWebPerf and search on the #webperf hastag to learn more about web performance from other leaders in the field.

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