Blog2011 ≫ Had a good lunch in Cullin's Yard yesterday

Mum and Dad have been here for the weekend, very nice. After a night in playing Scrabble on Friday night, we tried to go to Bluewater on Saturday morning. Did not check the traffic reports, so missed this news of a pedestrian on the M20 being hit by several vehicles in the early hours of the morning. The motorway was closed and the diversions were chaotic. We were stood still for an hour and a half around Ashford, and so just turned around when we could and headed home.

Instead of Bluewater (where we were meant to be buying a new bed) we decided to head to Cullin's Yard in Dover. We had been meaning to go back since Clare's christmas meal there last year, but have not so far. It was great, massive portions, and it being a nice day day it was a good place to sit.

Had a look in De Bradelei Wharf after, did not see anything worth buying.

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