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off to see Richard Herring on Saturday...

Off to see Richard Herring this weekend, looking forward to it! Have just reaslied from what @Herring1967 is saying on the twitter that Stewart Lee is laso in the same venue at the same time. But not performing together. Here's what Leicester Square Theatre have to say about Richard's show Christ On A Bike:

"Jesus was cool, it's just all the people who follow him who are such idiots. He's like the Fonz in that respect." Hitler Moustache star and avowed atheist resurrects and revamps his first and favourite solo show, exploring his strange obsession and affinity with the Messiah. "Im not saying I am Jesus... that is for other people to say." Asking all the great theological questions like "Why did Jesus always call Simon 'Peter'? Is it like the way Trigger always calling Rodney 'Dave'?"

I have been to see both of them many times, including the Fist of Fun tour in Portsmouth. I have no record and only fading memories of most of these times, though I have logged the more recent Richard Herring shows in the gigography.

Still tickets available for both shows I think, see leicestersquaretheatre.com1 for details.

💬 Richard Herring, Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming

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