Blog2011 ≫ Popex pay day

Kerching I sold my website!

I have sold popex!

OK, I actually sold popex about ten years ago, and stopped working on it nearly five years ago, but I got my final pay off this week. A cheque arrived yesterday for about two and a half grand, what should I spend it on? Gadgets and gizmos, or just save it, or pay a bit off the mortgage? Maybe a bit of each, certainly more hoarding than actual spending though, because I'm careful like that.

Popex was my music share trading game website. The site was finally closed down in 2006. I never actually sold it at all, I traded it away in a complex arrangement involving magic beans, which never actually grew into a magical beanstalk at all. This was all the rage back in the day, and probably still is today, but instead of having stock in a company like Google or Apple that would have made me a rich man, I had stock in Channelfly. Channelfly became MAMA Group, HMV took overe MAMA Group and bought out all of the minor shareholders including me. And now I finally go the pay off.

Popex was probably my one big idea, my big chance, and I had a good life out of it for five or six years so I can't complain.

Now, anyone want to buy PopBitch?

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