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Alex Warren - Goldie Lookin' Chain tribute? Newport State Of Mind is SO GLC...

Is it time for the Goldie Lookin' Chain revival already?

Haven't seen this with the sound up yet, it doesn't look like Goldie Lookin' Chain though the lyrics suggest it must be.

Via popbitch.com1 and @RalphT, on the Google Buzz.

UPDATE: Heard it now, amazingly it is not the Goldie Lookin' Chain. Two questions, how shameless a rip-off of them if none of the 'Chain are really involved? And secondly why did no-one from the GLC come up with this? Quick, rattle off some more Back in the Newport Groove, The Only Living Boy in Newport, Englishman in Newport. Oh, they already did that one.

Where are you Goldie Lookin' Chain and what are you going to do about this?

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