Blog2009 ≫ Civil liberties are quite good, m'kay


Completely addicted to the new version of Picasa I can't stop going through my photos, mostly through the "unnamed people". Seeing a) who it can't recognise that I can help out with, b) who it has recognised even when they don't look like themselves, but most of all c) people who just happened to be in the background of my shots. I really hope there is some useful real world application for all this effort. I am guessing that Picasa is not just uploading all of my friends and familiy's data to the FBI, to assist in arresting them or anything, but I hope this is one of those bits of software where by me using it, it improves. Probably not. But it should be!

If you asked me to submit to an identity parade or be photographed for the purposes of elimination, I'd object. If you asked me to pay cash money to have the faces in my photos recognised I woudn't bother either. But somehow, this works for me. I don't have a lot of anonymity online, but what I do have I think I would trade away for this technological marvel.

I have cautiously signed up for online syncing of things, I will be careful about sharing my friends details but I'm really hoping this will automatically identify all the background people. We will see...

Now, how can I transfer all of my pictures from flickr, original sizes, and retain all the tag info and descriptions? I have some pictures that are only on Flickr and not locally, since I had a disk crash a while back. Tried FlickrDown but is it the best option?

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