Blog2009 ≫ WEIRD sleep pattern last night...

7 hours in one go, wish it had been AFTER my night feed not before.

Generally little one goes about 3 hours between feeds, so bath time, then a feed about 7.30, then he's in bed and we eat our tea, then he's awake for another feed about 10.30 which I do. Went to bed early, awoken by a noise and suddenly realised it was 2am... Baby had not been fed! He was not making a sound! WHAT HAD HAPPENED? He was fine and had just strangely decided to sleep a lot longer for this shift only. He woke about half past, I fed him, and he was up and screaming again within a couple of hours, so all unfortunately back on track.

Seen some strange things out of the window this week. Couple of days ago, a man hacksawing the lock off one of the garages in our back garden. Hmm, not a very good neighbourhood watch am I? The garages are privately owned and rented out, this one was not one of the garages rented by anyone in the building. Guessing it was an innocent losing of the key, it was broad daylight. Got a surreptitious picture of the guy in question though. Was it you? Want to buy the picture off me?

Second strange thing spotted out of the window, think it was moving about in the flat upstairs that woke me at 2am, the new neighbour never seems to sleep. Think it might be quieter tonight though, while I was preparing little one's bottle saw him leave the flat and be helped into a car by a guy in full camouflage. I swear I didn't dream this. Not sure if he's just off on manoeuvres, or been kidnapped by paramilitaries, or a deserter, or what. Obviously, we don't speak to the neighbours, so I'm not sure how to find out.

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