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Oh dear Paul, this all sounds so familiar!! I think all newborn babies get a bit muddled between day and night at first but unless you nip it in the bud it will not get any better! Make sure you have a clear bedtime routine where he has a bath and calm music, cuddles and milk and then tuck him into bed and tell him it is time to sleep now. Also try not to let him sleep for too long in the late afternoon, perhaps to keep him awake walk around the flat showing him stuff, talking to him, looking out the window etc and he may get a bit more tired. We had a terrible time with Georgia (who still rarely sleeps all night now!!) but I did find a book called 'The Baby Whisperer' by Tracey Hogg invaluable, try it!! Love to Clare and the boy x


💬 I think he's getting better already

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