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We've tried leaving him a few minutes when he makes a noise, see if he's just grumbling or really crying, but it carries on into real crying each time. Why will he sleep for hours unattended in the daytime but as soon as it turns to dusk he just cries and cries and cries?

Other baby grief, tried to move his cot from the room I assembled it in into his room earlier. He's too small to sleep in it yet, but just getting things arranged. It won't go through the door. Took me HOURS and much aggro to put this together, now I either have to disassemble it again, or take the door off the hinges. I only need about another half inch gap to get it through the door and it's only one door not opening wide enough that's stopping it working.

Also, wishing we'd kept the receipts on a lot of the baby stuff we bought. It's becoming clearer now how much crap you get guilted into buying that there's just no need for at all. I'm going to write up a conclusive guide, of what you really need and what you can do without. I know I'm pretty mean and make-it-at-home-for-free generally, but we could have saved a mint.

Crying has stopped, Clare is in with him though, I should go in case she is rocking him and gently weeping :-(

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