Blog2009 ≫ Goodnight

No, GOOD NIGHT, an actual good night, had to wake the boy this morning!

Not goodnight, I mean GOOD NIGHT, we actually had a good night with The boy. He seemed to feed a lot better just before Clare went to bed, so he slept for ages before it was my turn to get up and give him the bottle feed. I was looking forward to it too, my first time of feeding him so it seemed longer than it was. He's only been about ninety minutes between night time feeds before this, but that was two and a half hours, then he went nearly four hours before the feed he's having now.

Stuff to do today, tidy up a bit, go down town to get thankyou, fathers day and birthday cards, hang a mirror, and get that cot through the doorway I mentioned yesterday... Can't find the camera right now or I'd take a picture and illustrate what I'm on about, will take some of me trying to remove the bedroom door chuckle brothers stylee later...

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