Blog2009 ≫ Blur warmup at Rough Trade East RIGHT NOW!

@darryl1974 is twittering it live. I am doing dad stuff.

Darryl1 is twittering it live, kind of wish I was there... but got more important things to be doing that going to secret Blur gigs these days!

Just put the little man down to bed, hope he sleeps for a while now. Next time he wakes Clare is feeding him as normal, but the time after that will be my first feed! Clare "expressed" some milk earlier, best not talk about that though, so I can feed him later while she sleeps.

Nappy change before bed, him not me. It was not even dirty. I dread those more than the dirty nappies really, as I just KNOW that immediately after changing the nappy that didn't really need changing, he's going to do a proper one.

Bah, just heard a cry must dash.

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