Blog2009 ≫ Yesterday's house hunting

Back to square one then really. Had a house cancelled on us, then saw one in Wincheap that was a dump, had been divided up oddly for renting, needed too much putting back together and probably wouldn't have been worth it even had we done that. Then the final place, a second viewing of the house in Chartham, I think is just too small. Second viewings are good for this, we managed to look past the enormous mirrors in two of the bedrooms and realised that there weren't actually any beds in them, and if we put beds in them, would we be able to put anything else in? I think no. Maybe we can manage with a small house, of course we can, we are not massive people, but still this house is not the one for me. What I wanted from this move were a place with a bit of character and history, in Canterbury, and this provides neither of those. It's a modern house, out in a village miles from Canterbury.

It does have some good points, and we need to live somewhere though, maybe we'll end up going for it anyway. The garden is good, and the outlook onto the village green is nice. I expect by the time I've talked myself into it it will be gone anyway.

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