Blog2008 ≫ Wooha Blur reunion! (Blur tickets)

Blur reunion! They're back, playing Hyde Park on the 3rd of July, and possibly possibly Glastonbury too. Not that we will be going...


In that bbc story above there's a quote from Glasto about the possibility of Blur playing:

There is lots of speculation about who might or might not be playing next year. We're confident it will be as good as Jay-Z. No headliners have been confirmed.

There's always something WEIRD in Glastonbury press releases, why would they say "as good as Jay Z"?

I put Blur in my top ten top gigs of all time definitely, or was it a top five? AH it was a five and I put them at number one!

Hmm I should have put "woohoo" in the subject line really shouldn't I? I would be the worst sub-editor EVER!

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