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Someone just bought two of those Elton John tickets" with the champagne reception and guided tour and so on) through this site, for a grand total of 1350! And what's my commission on that? 50p. Seems I'm on a flat 25p per ticket deal... Sold eight more tickets this week, but that still only brings me up to a grand total of 2.50. Another ten years of sales at this rate and I'll be able to buy tickets to Elton John's new years party 2018.

[ticket]Elton John[/ticket]

I'm on a much better rate with Get Me In, someone bought a ticket for NME Big Gig (headlined by The Cure, see you there) for 47.50 and my commission was 3.33 on that, better than all my ticketmaster earnings put together.

Get me in are going with a strangely old picture of Robert Smith to illustrate that gig.

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