Blog2008 ≫ Someone wants to pay for links from my website

PR Precision1 are looking for sites that would be interested in publishing content on behalf of a number of our clients which include some of the UK's biggest brands.

For a site such as we'd be prepared to pay up to 100 per month, every month, depending on the nature of the agreement.

Naturally, you would have a say in what content is placed on your site. PR Precision would simply provide you with useful, accurate and well written content that is inline with the theme of your site.

To see how the links might look on your home page please visit snip2 (the articles are near the bottom of the page under the title "personal finances")

If you feel this is an opportunity that you are willing to discuss further or if you have any questions about this proposition then please feel free to contact me.

Not going for it as I don't believe that estimate about a hundred quid a month (though it would be only from the homepage which no-one looks at anyway), but it's good to know my google ranking must be up there for them to bother.

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