The Higher State

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Thanks if you just tried to add the band The Higher State to the database, but you didn't enter venue info, or you did and I didn't recognise it. Done a bit of a search, dirtywaterclub.com1 says the band are there on the 9th of December. This is a good venue, I think I saw The Darkness there, not too local for me these days though. They also add:

After seven years in the wilderness, former member of the Mystreated, Marty Ratcliffe, returns with a new band! These guys give you a totally authentic, retro if you must, sixties garage band sound. These guys and a gal will have you trippin' all the way back to San Francisco's Fillmore Ballroom in late '66. A lovely West Coast, Byrdsy jangle played like you think you're truly listening to a "Back from the Grave" LP!

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