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the whole eXeem thing has been a major disappointment. it was billed as a next big step in p2p but basically it is an amalgamation of an edonkey client with bittorrent with some spyware chucked in. it was implied that it would be untraceable as it did have central servers like edonkey or trackers like bittorrent but in fact it does and it'll still be obvious to trace who is downloading what. ..although im sure it's only a matter of time before something decent that does this comes out - there's already stuff out there wot does this, but it's crap apparently.

also, do you ever listen to music on your ipaq? i got an SD card, whacked some tunes on there and got winamp...all very tasty. not bad quality sound...ideal for shortish journeys - although the upload speed from pc to ipaq is proper slow for some reason.



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