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Didn't watch Full on Food last night (1 Dec)because it generally irritates me. Wish I had now. I think the idea of anyone who wishes to eat meat having to fully confront the reality of the way what they eat lives and, of course, dies, is a really serious point. Certainly one that I fel srongly about as a concientious meat-eater. But, and maybe this was explained in the programme, why the hell choose an organic cow ? Organic, free-range cows are undoubtedly going to live fairly stress-free, happy and natural lives. But, the vast majority of people who eat beef (and the people whom that programme is aimed at) wouldn't dream of eating organic beef, preferring quantity over quality (including quality of life). For full impact, they should have shown the pretty depressing life of an average intensively-farmed diary cow, which most people chose to buy from their supermarket, not the, by comparision, relatively charmed and pampered life and death of a well looked after organic cow.


💬 If they'd shown a battery cow

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