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  1. It was Top Gear for food. A bit contrived, but the cheese bloke was well funny.

  2. They did show the slaughtering of the cow and, believe me they showed everything. They didn't shy from any of the camera shots. There was the knife, the slitting action AND the blood draining from the abbatoir floor. Quite sick, really. He was indeed in tears and by showing his face it made quite an impact. You really should have watched that bit. It put everything into context.

  3. He did indeed eat the meat but din't look comfortable - seemed a bit strange for him to do it after his "period of mourning". Slightly crass, almost.

  4. The highlighting of which meat to eat was ineffectual without showing the conditions the "supermarket" animals live in. Descriptors were not enough.

  5. I am a meat-eater or "CARNIVORE". I watched the whole programme and it did not change my dietary preferences. However, it was an excellent angle that we don't usually see and well worth viewing. It makes you think a little harder about how our livestock are related to the trays of meat we buy in the shops. Yes, that moo-moo that we see grazing the land is indeed the same moo-moo that we stun, slaughter and chop up without mercy.


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