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the hole1 Every time someone comes here searching for Keira Knightly it costs me money, so please support my sponsors... if you buy The Hole on DVD1 starring a 16 year old Keira for only 5.99, then I'll earn about 20p, which is enough for me to serve another 10 megs of pages like this. Go on. A lot of search results have come through suggesting she might be naked on that DVD, I don't know if that's true, but it is a cert 18.

If you're just a fan of her delightly English rose-ness then I thoroughly recommend Pirates of the Carribean. She's also in Bend it like Beckham1, King Arthur1, Doctor Zhivago1 and Love Actually1...

💬 Keira

💬 Keira

💬 she is really pretty but...

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