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Hibbett's gig at the 12 Bar was ace last night, though as is typical with gigging venues, the booze was sadly lacking, Eagle Smooth is not my favourite brew by a long shot. BUT, the performance itself was ace, he played more of the funny songs, which were very well received by us in the cheap seats anyway... Although the 12 bar is about the size of a phone box it's split on two floors, not sure who was upstairs and how much they enjoyed the show. Dave from ntk.net1 was in attendance with the much hyped "Hey Hey 16k" t-shirts, not sure how I came away without one, but at least I did get a cheeky copy of Mark's Steve Lamacq session that I went along to in December...

MJ Hibbett on stage at the 12 Bar

On leaving the venue things got a bit WEIRD. First of all we bumped into Anthony Head from Buffy! We've watched almost nothing but Buffy for ages, so that was pretty exciting. Then on getting off the bus there seemed to be a riot going on on Manor Road. Some sort of parking enforcement action was going on, and someone's car was being carried away by a crane, bizarre for the middle of the night. It must have belonged to someone Jewish who was at a meeting of some kind in the area, as the place was swarming with Jewish guys accusing the police and the traffic wardens of all sorts, and asking where they were when their houses were being broken into etc... generally I'm on the side of the traffic cops (hanging's too good for people who obstruct the route of the 106) but it seems more than a little odd that this was going on in the middle of the night. We have stolen cars dumped in our road all the time and they can be there for months, so what was so urgent about this (clearly not abandoned) motor?

A car being carried away by crane in Stoke Newington

It was quite surreal to see a mob surrounding the police, and although there was a lot of anger and shoutingk, it was all quite restrained and polite, why can't all mobs be like that? We watched for a while out of the window, but there didn't appear to be any police brutality, I don't think this is going to turn into a Rodney King.

I feel like crap today, a bit hungover but mostly just tired, so I think I will be passing on seeing Gonga tonight.

💬 MJ Hibbett

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